Stream videos from your computer to your iPad, iPhone, x360, Xbone, ps4, android devices and other laptops or pc's in your home network. Makes streaming the movies to a device already connected to your tv, easy.

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Tenna - BETA

A node js application that lets you easily stream most videos from any PC/laptop in your home network, to other devices in the network with a browser.

supported devices

Basically any device that supports the <video> element MP4 encoded.


clone this repository to your computer. In that directory type in the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/Dudemullet/tenna
npm install
node server

CLI Interface

You can also encode a video on the fly

npm install -g tenna
tenna <path/to/video>

or just start the server



Adding Videos/Files

Drag and drop videos or files at:


Encode status

While files are being encoded, you can view their status at:


Watching Videos

The only encoding supported on the vita is h.264. Luckily this is the most supported codec by browsers. Videos will be hosted from: